4 Ways Summer Weather Affects Your Roof

Summers can be exceptionally brutal on roofs. The extreme elements can cause your roof to deteriorate faster than expected. If you are aware of the ways the summer weather wears down your roof, you can prolong the life of your roof, saving yourself time and money.

1) Extreme Heat: The sun takes its toll on even the toughest materials. Heat and Ultraviolet rays from the sun accelerate the degradation process. It’s pretty common for the sizzling summer heat to cause various signs of damage, including blisters, bumps, cracks, weak spots and deterioration of the roof deck.
2) Humidity: The extra humidity in the Summer brings about another kind of damage. Condensation and increased moisture build up between layers, can lead to widespread water damage. The excess moisture weakens your roof over time, which creates leaks.
3) Summer Storms: Thunderstorms bring with them heavy rains and high winds. The rain leads to pooling and seepage that exacerbate existing defects. Debris blown around in the wind ends ups clogging your roof’s gutters and drainage system; clogged drainage can lead to flooding.
4) Hail: Hailstones can range from the size of a marble to the size of a baseball. It pounds down on your rooftop with enough force to cause indentations in your roof or dents in the roof’s metal flashing. This damage can compromise the roofing membrane and its ability to prevent water from seeping into your building.

Although you can not control the weather, you can be proactive and take some preventative measures to lessen damage from the elements and extend the life of your roof. Scheduled maintenance and regular inspections are key to finding and eliminating defects such as punctures, debris, damaged flashing, and cracks before they become urgent problems. Call DK Haney Roofing to schedule your next roof inspection. Our roofing professionals will perform a thorough inspection and can help develop a plan of action to mitigate minor damage and prevent larger problems as the season wears on.