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How to Assure Long-term Commercial Roof Performance

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) is one of the construction industry’s most respected trade associations and leading authority in the roofing industry for information, education, technology, and advocacy. As such, the NRCA provides Consumer Advisory Bulletins to help consumers make informed decisions about various roofing issues.

In a previously issued bulletin, Maintenance: The Key to Long-term Roof System Performance, the NRCA explains that once a roof system is installed, nothing is more critical to its long-term performance than establishing a program of regular inspections and proper maintenance with an NRCA-member professional roofing contractor.

Many things attribute to the performance and longevity of a new roof, such as proper design, quality materials, and quality application. But once the roof is installed, nothing will extend its life and assure the owner top performance than a program of regular inspections and proper maintenance.

A building’s roof can be “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” for many until there is a leak and occupants are inconvenienced or building contents are damaged.  The NRCA believes that the most effective way to achieve long-term performance is for building owners to have a formal, long-term relationship with an NRCA-member professional roofing contractor. Partnering with an NRCA-member professional will assure the building owner that the contractor understands local building practices, different roof systems, is capable of making recommendations, and is a business that cares for, and gives back to, the local community.

The NRCA also warns building owners not to be led into a false sense of security with the recent popularity of long-term warranties offered by many roofing manufacturers. Warranties do not necessarily provide assurance that the new roof will perform satisfactorily. And if problems with the roof do develop, many warranties contain provisions that significantly limit the warrantor’s liability and the consumer’s remedies. The best “warranty” is a formal, long-term maintenance agreement.

4 Advantages of a Formal, Long-term Maintenance Agreement with an NRCA-member professional

  1. A maintenance program is proactive (rather than reactive.) It can help to identify problems at their early stages when they can be corrected and before they become catastrophes.
  2. Regular maintenance can reveal and address sources and causes of leaks before they occur. Too many owners have their roof systems examined only after a leak occurs.
  3. A maintenance program allows for a planned, organized approach to the management of a roof asset and allows for responsible, timely preparation of long-term capital expenses.
  4. Response time to address leakage problems is greatly improved. Warranty repairs, on the other hand, can take time to be processed while the problem remains unresolved.

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