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Here’s a Better Way to Manage Commercial Building Capital Expenses (CAPEX)

During the fourth quarter of a current year and the first quarter of the new year, commercial building managers sometimes feel like they are performers in a circus. They are the jugglers. However, instead of bowling pins or chainsaws these stars of the commercial property midway are juggling capital expenditures (CAPEX)!

The questions never stop and the answers are ALL very expensive.

For example, can that HVAC system make it through another year without being replaced? How about the parking lot? Maybe it’s been a few years since it was maintained or restriped. The budgets for plumbing, painting, carpeting, and dozens of other considerations must be juggled every year. However, when it comes to one of the most expensive categories on the CAPEX list – the roof of the building – managers and owners have some juggle room. It comes in the form of a state-of-the-art, online system for managing inspections and maintenance from DK Haney Roofing using the industry’s only real-time budgeting tools.

Technology Has Come to the Roofing Contracting Industry

“In the not-so-distant past, commercial roof contracting was a ‘pen and clipboard’ industry,” Dustin K. Haney CEO of DK Haney Roofing said. “Unfortunately, in many cases it still is. Commercial roofing companies would send out some guys, who would make inspections with rudimentary equipment and then manually create reports which were then stored in file cabinets. The reports and estimates were often dated and it was difficult for a building owner or manager to determine roof maintenance priorities. Clearly, this was a very inefficient way to track roofing issues, especially when the managers or owners had several buildings in multiple areas. Roof systems are constantly changing and the reports on these conditions should be able to adapt.

“We decided to bring technology to the roofing industry. We capture live photo and video documentation and store all of the data, from all of the roofs of our clients on a secure, web-based ‘cloud system.’ This ensures that the data is protected and immediately available to our customers.

“Because we have regularly scheduled maintenance inspections and data-collection, the building managers and owners have real-time replacement or repair data (including associated costs) on every building for which they are responsible. Our customers can even set priority ratings for each and any section of the roof(s) and make decisions based on ‘living,’ section-specific information. This can be a game-changer when CAPEX budgets are being set.”

The Customer Portal and CAPEX

DK Haney has implemented a password-protected, customer portal with current information on every roof of every customer. For commercial property managers and owners who might have multiple properties, this is an enormous advantage when CAPEX decisions must be made.

“We hire the most professional, seasoned inspectors, give them the technology to do their jobs and we aggregate this data in our system,” Haney said. “Because we have a record on the status of the roof, that is visually recorded, we can be very specific on the roof maintenance issues and expenses that might be upcoming for any of our buildings. Of course, this also allows the building managers and owners to confidently allocate capital expenditures for their roofs where they are needed when they are needed. This has proven to be a very popular management tool for our customers!”

Free Inspections

For building managers or owners who have concerns about the severity of roofing issues and whether CAPEX budgets should include repair or replacement of roofs, DK Haney Roofing offers a free, no-obligation inspection on the first commercial roof.

“Our entire team is dedicated to making the building manager a ‘hero’ to the tenants and owners,” Haney said. “Accurate information on the status of a commercial roof can result in financial flexibility for annual capital expenditures. We want our customers to use the tools we offer – the customer portal and thorough inspections – to leverage their annual budgets.”



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