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Property Management of Large Corporate Accounts Made Easy With a Roofing Contractor Partner

Owners and property managers of multi-location retailers, restaurant chains, companies with multiple campuses, urgent care clinic chains and any other enterprises with multiple locations experience many challenges, not the least of which the fact that every building has a different age and condition.

Maintaining the building systems – the roof, HVAC, plumbing and hundreds of other elements – of this number of stores, is a massive undertaking without the use of advanced, smart technology. DK Haney Roofing understands this and is helping large, corporate accounts keep track of their roof assets with a service that sets it apart from other companies.

From anywhere in the country, each property is at your fingertips with pictures, video, plans, maintenance and repair history, warranty information, and budget planning tools to manage and extend the life of the roof.

Formulating CAPEX budgets on hundreds or thousands of buildings is almost impossible without this data. Even worse, when there is an unforeseen weather event that damages the building, chaos becomes the order of the day without a trusted partner.

The care of corporate accounts for DK Haney Roofing belongs to Max Whitemyer and he is very good at his job.

The DK Haney Lifecycle Program  

“Most roofing contractors are reactive rather than proactive,” Whitemyer said. “We do things much differently. The foundation of this unique approach is our ‘Lifecycle Program.’ We are highly focused on helping the property managers of multi-location properties maintain and extend the life of their roofs. We do this by gathering information consistently, across the country.

“After completing a thorough inspection of every roof, our team of professionals utilize our proprietary software to upload a photographic record and detailed report on the status of each roof. We then grade the roof as an A, B, C, D, or F. On those roofs graded A, B, C, and some cases D, strategic repairs can be made to gain useful life. Improving the grade of the roof, extends its life and can defer the more expensive replacements for several more years.

“Working with the client’s budget, we systematically create a long-term plan for correcting any urgent needs, bringing the damaged roof up to a higher grade, and can begin managing the maintenance of each roof with our web-based software.

“Once the data has been entered and the repair and maintenance plan is completed, the property manager has history, status, pictures, and plans on every roof in the portfolio at their fingertips. We conduct annual inspections of each building and update this data in the portal. The property managers never have to guess the status of a roof that we are managing. This is especially important for the company’s tracking of warranty claims. There is an easily – accessible, web-based record on every roof we manage.

Another way we take care of our customers – whether they are the corner hardware store or Home Depot, is that they can use the portal to dispatch us anytime there is a weather event that requires immediate attention. Real-time status of our visit and what was done, including billing information, is accessible from the portal.”

Avoiding Legal Problems

Companies with locations in several states have additional considerations. Property managers realize the complexity of managing legal risks when laws and statutes vary greatly from state to state. These differences in legal requirements can also affect roofing repairs in the form of licensing for roofing contractors.

“DK Haney Roofing is licensed in most states,” said Whitemyer, “And in many cases, the ‘migrating’ contractors are not. This can be a very expensive problem for property managers who hire unlicensed contractors to repair or install a new roof. If a local building inspector or OSHA representative visits a site where the work is being done by an unlicensed contractor, there can be substantial fines imposed on the building’s owner and the corporation that approved the project.

“This violation can also result in the job being halted. If there is storm damage, this delay can be extremely costly in terms of merchandise lost, customer and employee inconvenience and (potentially) legal action from any injuries caused by this action.

“Having a roofing contractor such as DK Haney which has the knowledge of construction, roofing, insulation and electrical laws for each state and a license to perform these functions is a critical part of due diligence on the part of the property manager. It’s ALWAYS a good idea to ask to see a contractor’s license.”

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