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Severe Weather Response

Storm damage to your roof can cause disruption of interior operations. It’s critical to take the right steps at the right time to protect all stakeholders.

DKH provides emergency tarping or “dry-in” services, thus our telephone number: 1-800-DRY-IT-IN.

Hailstorms can be especially damaging. After any hailstorm, a professional roof inspection is warranted to determine if there is a need for repair or replacement. Even though most insurance companies allow two years after a damaging storm to make a claim, storm damage can be difficult to detect. DKH will conduct expert discovery, program out our findings and recommendations, and work with insurance companies to simplify the claims process.

April 2019 Severe Weather

After severe hail and tornado outbreak in east Texas, letters of intent were provided by three Texas school districts to enable DKH to utilize its job order contract (JOC) to begin emergency repairs and dry-in efforts. Ultimately, DKH served as general contractor to the districts and oversaw all divisions of construction including temporary dry-in, interior restoration, temporary power, emergency gas repair, temporary fencing, demolition, debris removal, interior reconstruction, bleachers, tracks, sports equipment, lighting, scoreboards and signage. Additionally, DKH provided public adjuster resources to the districts to enable claims assistance while providing independent, third-party engineers and construction managers.

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