Frequent Signs of Roofing Scams

As winter nears and you begin doing cold weather maintenance on your residential or commercial roof, you may need to call a qualified roofer. This could be for an inspection, repair or even replacement before those cold temperatures set in. Unfortunately, there are a few Fort Worth, TX roofing scams your company needs to watch out for.

Fort Worth, TX roofing scams

Door-to-Door Roofers

Beware of roofers who walk door-to-door offering help, especially after severe storms! While some companies who do this are legitimate, others are scammers. A common scam hooks people who want quick roof repairs after hail storms. The fake roofer will offer them a “free inspection,” and come back with photos of damage from another roof. The scammer will then prompt the homeowner to pay up. To avoid a scam of this nature, wait for your insurance company to inspect your roof, and do your homework on any roofer by asking for references from previous clients.

Pressure Tactics

Another common scam is for a contractor to show up (often door-to-door) pressuring homeowners into signing a binding contract. They usually come promising enticing deals, but don’t fall for their sales ploy without first talking to other companies! A sign of a scam is a salesman who wants all home or building owners to be present for the sale — meaning you won’t be able to use the excuse of consulting a spouse or associate on the decision. Quality roofing contractors will give you references and time to make a decision.

Upfront Down Payment

A reputable roofer will not require you to put down a large sum of money before they begin working. If a roofing contractor comes to you asking for a large sum of money before they begin a project, chances are this is a roofing scam. They will take your money and you won’t see them again. Instead, try to take your time in making a decision on a roofing company. That extra time will save you money on scams in the long run!

Don’t fall for these frequent Fort Worth, TX roofing scams. Call the trusted, licensed contractors at DK Haney Roofing today at 866-379-4846!