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You’ve undoubtedly heard it said that a good defense is the best offense. That was never truer than when speaking of taking care of your commercial roof. For most building owners and managers, your commercial or industrial roof is the capital asset with the greatest potential for savings and return on investment. At DK Haney Roofing, we believe that your commercial roof is just as important as any other capital asset. It is an investment that needs to  be managed and properly maintained.  We want to be your standby roofing contractors in the event something ever goes wrong and your roof needs repaired.

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A key part of roof management, preventative maintenance is crucial to the life of your roof. A building is only as good as its roof, and the roof is only as good as the care it’s given. In the best of situations, repairs are inevitable at times.  However, a regular maintenance plan will almost always cost less  than a major repair project that could have been prevented. Planning for future roofing issues is tough for even the most cost-conscious building owner or manager. To make it even more difficult is the fact that more than 25 percent of ALL roofing expenses are for unplanned repairs. Owning multiple properties in different locations makes budgeting for roofing issues even more difficult. DK Haney Roofing specializes in helping operations with multiple roofs to effectively manage their roofing assets.

When considering a maintenance plan with DK Haney Roofing, consider that warranties won’t keep you from having to pay for routine maintenance. Exceptions and exclusions in roof warranties limit protection. In fact, roofing contractors suggest that less than 5 percent of damage claims meet warranty requirements. That figure suggests strongly the importance of having DK Haney manage your roof maintenance and repairs. Our skilled personnel incorporate the most important aspects of roof management including: preventative maintenance, emergency response, and disaster response. Whether under warranty or not, your roof needs continuous care. Investments you’ve made in your roof and assets beneath your roof should be protected.

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