Modified Bitumen Roofs in Fort Worth

Modified bitumen is the current evolution of traditional asphalt roofing materials. In fact, MB, a type of membrane roofing, is fabricated from asphalt and one of several modifiers and solvents. DK Haney Roofing in Fort Worth has extensive experience in modified bitumen roof installation and repair in Fort Worth.

Expert MB Roof Repair

Modified Bitumen and Built-Up Roof SystemsThe use of modified bitumen on North American roofs began in the middle 1970s after origination in Europe 10 years earlier. Since then it has been a popular choice for low-slope roofing projects. One of the strengths of an MB roof is the use of heat to make strong seals. During installation, material is heat treated to join the asphalt together and create a seal. Options for installation include a cold-applied adhesive process, and there are some self-adhesive applications of the modified bitumen system.

This type of membrane roofing features several distinct benefits over conventional asphalt and gravel low-slope roof. Creating effective seals is difficult in asphalt and gravel roofing, so often roofs fail relatively soon after installation. Modified bitumen roofs are usually either seamless, or using heat melding, their seams are as strong as the membranes, virtually eliminating flat roof leakage issues.

Modified bitumen membrane consists of several layers that basically create is a prefabricated built-up roof. During manufacturing woven fiberglass, polyester or both are coupled into modified bitumen and then finished with either a smooth or granular surface.  The granular surface is available in several colors and the smooth type is painted in an aluminum or white finish which deflect UV rays and keep the roof cooler.

Expert Roofing Contractor

Roofs made of modified bitumen roofs are similar to built-up roofs, but are simpler to apply as  single-ply roof systems. Plus, to get an even more durable and tear-resistant, some specifications allow for multiple plies.

Benefits of a DK Haney MB Roof
  • Outstanding performance
  • Waterproof
  • Various methods for installation
  • Options for “Cool Roofing”
  • High tear-resistance
  • Affordability

Modified Bitumen roofs do have drawbacks. For instance, single-ply MB systems have not been successful in the long run and costs are high for labor and materials for double or triple ply applications. In addition modified bitumen roofs age prematurely if used on roofs that hold water. Plus, MB relies on mineral granules for protection from the sun. In smooth surface systems the roof must be covered with aluminum roof coating to avoid premature aging.

DK Haney’s experts are qualified to install several single-ply flat-roof systems, including the preferred Duro-Last roof which features high sun reflectivity for energy efficiency and a virtually seamless installation.

For the professional modified bitumen roof repair and  installation in Fort Worth, contact DK Haney Roofing at (866) DRY IT IN.