Protect Your Roof From Texas Weather

Wind, hail, rain, and day to day temperatures can all have an effect on your place of business. Your roof is the main protector when it comes to shielding your business from the elements. How does weather affect your roof? While roofing materials are built to withstand constant exposure to wind, rain, and sun, a roof will still need maintenance and care in order to keep it from wearing down.

metal roofing

Strong winds have the worst effect on shingle roofs. Especially a roof that hasn’t maintained in some time. Gusts of wind can pull at the shingles, causing tears and lifting that leaves the underneath roof layer exposed to water. This can result in leaks and water damage.

Hail can wreak havoc on many types of roofs. Heavy hail can dent and puncture roofs. Even a small dent is a cause for concern. If the roofing material has any cracks, the damage could worsen and becoming a starting point for leaks.

Rapid changes in temperatures, unfortunately common during season changes here in Texas, can cause some roofing materials to warp. This leaves the building susceptible to water damage and weakens the overall roof structure. Having your roof inspected will ensure that your roof is in great shape, without any weak points, or structural issues.

Keeping your business running without a hitch is important. That’s why having a well maintained roof is important. Don’t let water damage and roof repairs impede on daily activities. If you need a roof inspection or other commercial roof services in the Fort Worth, TX area, contact DK Haney Roofing today at 866-379-4846.