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DK Haney Roofing Promotes Royce Martin to CEO (Interview)

DK Haney is excited to announce the promotion of Royce Martin to CEO, effective January 1, 2020. While Dustin Haney will still be involved with the company as Owner and President, Royce will lead all business and operational duties for the company going forward.

Up until the promotion, Royce has served as the company’s COO, bringing new processes, organizational systems and business practices to the company to help drive increased sales, optimize roofing projects output and quality, and improve employee and company performance overall.

DK Haney CEO Royce Martin

“Royce has done an amazing job as COO, helping the company evolve and grow. I am happy for him and know he will do even greater things in the future in his new leadership role as CEO.” – DK Haney Roofing Founder and President Dustin Haney

As part of this new transition, we thought it might be a good idea to interview Royce and let you know a little more about our new CEO!

Provide one word that describes you the best. 
I would say a few words apply, including generous, efficient, competent and capable. These traits have helped me in my personal life and my career. I have always had a way with connecting with people, and like to act in the role of influencer.

How has your business experience and background helped prepare you for this new challenge?
I have been managing people since I was 20 years old, for more than 25 years now. I started in the restaurant business and worked in it for 10 years. And extraordinary customer service and pleasing people was key to success. I then went into the restoration business, running my own business for 15 years, working on both residential and commercial space. In that industry, you are working in people’s spaces and homes where they need to trust you wholeheartedly. That is when I had to learn to build trust with customers, and then how to build and lead teams to do the same. I have been in the commercial roofing business for 3 years now, and DK Haney has given me the opportunity to apply my experience and knowledge, while fostering my career growth at the same time.

What are you most excited about, by taking on this new challenge?
Having served as the company’s COO and working alongside Dustin Haney for a few years now, I am excited about seeing the fulfillment of his vision for the company, winning as a team, and fully reaching our growth potential. I am really excited about continuing that vision. And we are striving to make our commercial roofing processes repeatable and scalable. We have been on that for the last two years, but still have more work to do. My team is never complacent and we keep pushing it forward. We are probably 45-50% of where I want to be. That motivates me to continue building this out and pushing our goals forward.

Do you have a guiding philosophy that makes you the leader you are today?

I like to “Build Things out of People”. I have said this for years and it really means taking peoples gifts, talents, and abilities and making them more effective, providing a way for them to make a living and be successful. I enjoy reviewing teams and taking their strengths and building systems around them to best utilize their abilities within our system. New England Patriots Coach Bill Belicheck’s use of receiver Julian Edelman is an example. While not the biggest receiver on the field, Coach Belicheck saw his toughness, route running ability, and willingness to keep learning, and leveraged those traits to make him a crucial part in the offense’s ability to attack an opposing defense’s weaknesses. It added up to him becoming 2018 Super Bowl MVP, while helping the team win another title. Like that story, I want to bring the best out of people and make it a win/win situation. I am building a team culture where we fight for each other and have courageous confrontation to solve issues in a healthy way. We honor and respect each other even in difficult work situations and communicate very well.

How do you see the company changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?
We will really build out our foundation of systems and initiatives to fulfill our vision and our growth over the next few years. I want to continue to establish our company as a national player in the commercial roofing industry, while helping others in the industry as well. That has always been our operating mentality and the way we do business.

What gets you out of bed every morning?
It’s the challenge of doing the daily tasks and fulfilling the big picture at the same time. I am loyal to the mission and truly enjoy the company’s owners. I get to see the results of everything we have been working toward. Seeing the fruit of all of our people’s efforts pay off and enjoying the small victories we experience is so gratifying. Every day has both victories and challenges, but keeping a good perspective is key.

What are your goals?
I have definite sales volume goals, but mainly I want to see this endeavor through to the end. I want to see the things we are working toward be fulfilled. We have vision to see DK Haney be a respected force in the industry. We have achieved calm from chaos so many times, and have grown from it. I want to deliver the things I say I will do, these people believe in me and I want to deliver on that. I strive for a 100% Do/Say Ratio.

What Are Your 3 Biggest Accomplishments?
1. I was the youngest (22) promoted GM in a company that, at the time, had been in business 25 years.
2. My promotion to CEO at DK Haney is definitely a huge accomplishment, but it is just a starting point of what we will achieve as a company.
3. Becoming a Dad was my biggest personal achievement. Being an involved and engaged father is so important to me.

What other CEOs do you look up to?

• Jeff Bezos because of his vision. He went from selling books in a garage to building it to what it is today, the most successful brand in the world in Amazon.
• Jerry Jones because he built the Dallas Cowboys brand into the largest in the world, with innovations, TV contracts, etc. The things he accomplished outside of football are so important.
• Brinker Founder and CEO, Norman E. Brinker, because I got my start in the restaurant industry, he was the gold standard and I appreciated his leadership and the impact his team made on the restaurant industry, including the growth of Chili’s and other concepts.
• Patriots Coach Bill Belichick because of what I mentioned with Julian Edelman.

What hobbies or outside interests do you have?
I enjoy water sports and spending time with my kids on the lake. I like to ride Harleys and play golf when I have time.

Tell us a little about your family.
I have three teenage children and they are so fun to hang out with. I have twin girls and a boy, and all three children were born within one year of each other. For 6 weeks each year they are all the same age. I started working at 12 years old, helping my mom pay for my orthodontics bills by working at the orthodontics office, and I had a paper route.

What is a commitment that you can give current DK Haney customers about what to expect in the future?
We won’t stop until you are completely satisfied. There’s nothing we won’t do to get it right.

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