Fort Worth Stone Coated Steel Roof

Stone coated steel roofs are coated with stone chips and an acrylic layer is added to create an ultimately durable roof that maintains aesthetic benefits of traditional roofing materials. During  World War II the British government asked roofing professionals for ideas to protect corrugated steel roofs from the harsh, damp weather conditions. Coating the steel with bitumen and a layer of sand or stone not only protected the buildings, but also provided camouflage against possible attacks. The idea stayed in England until the mid-1950s when a New Zealand industrialist bought the rights to produce the roofing material outside Great Britain and continued to refine the product which now offers many advantages over more common roofs.

Today, that same advance in durable roofing material is available to protect your commercial building from the unpredictable Texas weather. DK Haney Roofing is the expert at stone coated steel roof installation in Fort Worth.

Stone Coated Steel Roof Benefits

  • 50-Year Warranty –  Standard for stone coated steel roofs, Transferable to future owners of the building. The average warranty for an asphalt roof is 20 years.
  • Protection from the Elements –  Resistant to large hail, high winds, heavy rain, fires and ice damage.
  • Energy Efficient – Stone coated steel roof panels are shaped with a air cushion of air called “Above Sheathing Ventilation”. This shape and technology means less heat absorbed into the building below during warm weather months and, in the winter, less heat escapes, lowering your energy bills.
  • Eco-Friendly – The metal material is fabricated from 50% recycled steel, and is 100% recyclable after it’s 50-year service life. The stone coating is oil-free stone granules, which are coated then colored with a layer of ceramic. By way of contrast,  asphalt shingles are petroleum and fiberglass products with a larger carbon footprint and shorter service life than stone coated steel roofs.

Professional Installation

Call (866) DRY IT IN for more information on taking advantage of stone coated steel roofing and a personal estimate. DK Haney Roofing is the expert for stone coated steel roof installation in Fort Worth.