Tile Roof Installation in Fort Worth

tile roofEvidence has been found of tile roofs dating back 10,000 BC, and in past civilizations across the globe. No wonder, when a professionally installed and maintained tile roof can last 100 years. For a complete list of advantages of this type of roofing material, call DK Haney Roofing at  (866) DRY IT IN. They’re the experts at tile roof repair and installation in Fort Worth.

Durability is likely the biggest of the many advantages of a tile roof. Obviously, any material with a service life of 100 years is tough. That makes it the natural choice for harsh, hot climates like we have here in North Texas. In addition, tile roofing is available in myriad shapes and colors that add design elements and a distinct flair to any building. Tiles, particularly clay tiles, enjoy high reflectivity of UV rays, which boosts the efficiency of HVAC systems, allowing you to pay less for your cooling bills. Additionally, tile won’t mold or rot, it resists damage from insects, it is fireproof, and it stands up to hurricane-force winds.

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Of course, there are several varieties of roof tiles. Flat tiles, laid in an overlapping style, are the simplest. Imbrex and tegula tiles feature Roman patterns, a design combination of curves and flats coupled to create a rain channel on your roof. Pantiles, popular in the US and England in the 19th Century, are S-shaped, making installation simpler as the tiles are simply hooked together. Antefixes, conversely, are vertical blocks. There are also interlocking tiles that look like the pantile but sport additional top locks. Mission or barrel tiles are semi-cylindrical shaped.

Whichever tile you choose, and whether you pick tile for its energy efficiency, its durability or its stylish appearance, call DK Haney Roofing. They re the experts at tile roof repair and installation in Fort Worth. Our roofers pride themselves on their work and customer satisfaction; let us add you to our list of happy clients.