Roof Coatings: Ideal Roofing Solution

applying roof coatingWe can’t get enough of roof coatings! Affordable yet practical, roof coating has taken roofing repairs by storm. This advance in modern roofing technology has saved thousands of people from perpetually leaky roofs and astronomical utility bills by forming a seamless membrane over the roof it is applied to. It can be applied to nearly any existing roofing system, and has kept many people from having to endure complete roof replacement. Here, we have detailed some of our favorite advantages of roof coatings.

Actual, Attainable Benefits

Roof coatings begin to benefit your building the minute they are applied. Your roof coating is installed as a liquid application, and once dry, it forms a single, seamless membrane. Its seamless quality offers easily the best leak protection available in the roofing industry. Roof coatings are generally white in color which allows them to resist solar energy and keep your building cooler. Roof coatings have been known to keep warehouses and other buildings 10 to 15 degrees cooler, creating a more comfortable environment for employees, and saving money by using less electricity to cool your building.

Roof coatings can redeem an ailing roof and help you avoid expensive repairs. Call our professional roofers today at (866) 379-4846 to discuss your commercial roof coating options!