Standing Seam Metal Roof

standing seam metal roofMore than likely, buildings in our area with metal roofs are of a type called standing seam metal roofing.  Standing seam metal roofs are different from other metal roofs. The actual material, the size and shape of the metal and the method of installation are all different. Business owners and building managers that have made the decision to use standing seam metal roofing paid more, but found the higher initial price results in less maintenance and a longer service life. For more information and an estimate call DK Haney for your own standing seam metal roof installation in Fort Worth.

Expert installation in Fort Worth

Panels of continuous metal material run from the roof ridge to the eaves. Seams connected by fasteners raised above the metal are between the panels. Hence the term, “standing seam.” The seams are actually one of the strong benefits of this type of roofing since the seams in any roof are the weak points and a potential entry point for moisture; with this roof type, they are raised above the panel. Plus, there are  no horizontal seams.

Standing seam metal roofs are well-matched to certain styles of buildings, particularly those with contemporary designs. Long, straight lines from the roofing metal result in a modern “industrial” look.  And, since metal roofing can be painted any color, including lighter, sun-reflecting colors, it is considered a “cool roof” option, meaning it can cut the costs of cooling the building. In fact,  by blocking the transfer of heat from the roof to the building below, standing seam metal roofs can save up to 20 percent on energy bills.

To take advantage of the advantages of a standing seam metal roof – the durability, the stylishness and the energy efficiency – Call DK Haney Roofing at (866) DRY IT IN. They’re the experts and standing seam metal roof installation in Fort Worth.