Storm damage

Fort Worth Storm Damage Roof Repair

Storm damage to your commercial or industrial roof means your business operations are disrupted. So, it’s vital you have a roofing professional who understands your concerns and takes a personal interest in protecting your interests, the building, employees, equipment and inventory, all of which get protected by the roof.

A professionally installed roof is designed to effectively stand up to the elements. However, violent Texas storms and winter weather can take their toll. A roof’s shape is designed to shed rain and snow while withstanding high winds. But, if shingles come loose and wind gets under them, it can pull them off the roof. Even with the best installation, wind can work nails up, loosening shingles, and exposing the roof to severe water damage.

In the Spring and Summer, hailstorms can be especially damaging. Hailstones strike the asphalt shingles and can leave indentations that become weak spots. In the winter, ice damming can create roof issues. Ice damming occurs when ice and snow build up along the gutters but begins to melt higher up on the roof. Blocked by ice, water pools and can get under shingles. In the end, water proves one of the most damaging threats to your roof.

DK Haney Roofing, with our history in the business for 23 years, knows the importance of working with an experienced roofing contractor who is reliable when a storm strikes. The highly-trained, certified experts at DK Haney Roofing are storm damage specialists.

In addition, DK Haney Roofing offers free damage inspections and re-inspections, as well as free help navigating through your insurance claims. Even though most insurance companies allow two years after a damaging storm to make a claim,  storm damage can be difficult to detect. Our experts will inspect for necessary maintenance and our experience in working with insurance companies will simplify the claims process.

Professional Roofing Contractor

Storms inevitably bring out unethical roofing contractors and thousands of Texas homeowners are tricked by storm chasing contractors into committing crimes by ripping off insurance companies. We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and one of our goals is to protect homeowners from bad business practices. Hire someone with experience and an impeccable reputation here at home.

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