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Since 2012, Jim Ned CISD has had a great experience and relationship with DK Haney Roofing. Ralph Harris and his crew have been very accommodating and professional and have provided a great service. The response time and quality of work have been very good! Ralph has even taken the time to help educate me on our various roofing issues.

DK Haney provided the District with an overall inspection and evaluation of our roofs. With the Client Portal, I have the ability to view reports, see work orders, invoices, and photos at the convenience of my computer. DK Haney keeps you informed throughout on the status of projects by email. I have been very pleased with the quality, workmanship and service that we have received and would recommend DK Haney for any roofing project you may have.

Jim Ned CISD,
Bobby Easterling
Jim Ned C.I.S.D.

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