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I am writing to recommend to you DK Haney Roofing of Ft. Worth, Texas. Guthrie Common School District experienced significant loss due to storm damage in the summer of 2012. As is often the case, roofers came out of the woodwork wanting to “help” us out. From the outset, Ralph Harris of DK Haney Roofing was sensitive to the significant challenges that our losses had created for ability to recover and maintain customary operations and considerate of my time.

After checking multiple references (both those supplied to me by DK Haney as well as others sought out by me independently), it became abundantly clear that DK Haney had a reputation for quality workmanship, timely service, frequent communications, transparent operations, and fair pricing.

Once our board of trustees agreed to contract with DK Haney, Ralph Harris, Dustin Haney and the rest of DK Haney team had workers and materials on site within a couple of days, quickly working to “make us whole.” This was a most impressive response due to the fact that Guthrie is located in the remotely and sparsely populated rolling plains of Texas, 90 miles from any sort of metropolitan center. The fact that we have NO restaurants, motels,or convenience stores in our county seemed to make absolutely no difference to DK Haney.

Throughout our contractual relationship all the testaments I had heard about them were realized in full. The DK Haney team showed up early, worked long and late, were organized in their workflow, professional in all respects, used 21st century tools to both communicate and dispatch the work, and monitored their work quality closely. As well, they guided and advised us well through the maze of processes and requirements imposed by law and insurers.

You can probably tell by now that I am an unabashed fan of DK Haney Roofing. Working with them was such a breath of fresh air, especially when compared to our very unsatisfying experiences with other contractors and subcontractors in recent years.

Nelson Coulter, Ed. D.
Guthrie CSD

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