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It is with great please that I write this letter of recommendation for Texas Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) and roofing contractor they use, DK Haney Roofing.

In this day of trying to control costs, purchasing cooperatives have become very important to school districts. A district that is a member of TIPS eliminates some of the district’s cost in the bidding process. TIPS does this for the district. This allows the cost savings to be used directly in the classroom or for some other district need.

logo-region142DK Haney Roofing is a qualified vendor that TIPS members can utilize. I have used DK Haney Roofing, and I have been very pleased with the workmanship, quality materials, and the service I have received from the representatives. I would recommend DK Haney for any roofing project you might have.


Ronnie Kincaid
Executive Director
Region 14 Education Service Center

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