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Benefits of Roof Coatings

If you’ve been thinking about having the roof over your home or business completely repaired, you may have seen or read about ROOF COATINGS.  What are they?  When would you consider the application of a reflective roof coating over the full replacement of your roof?  In short – Are Roof Coatings right for you?

The first thing many consider is the price.  It’s often more cost-effective to restore rusted or damaged metal roofs with Roof Coating than it is to tear down and construct a new one.  A professionally-applied Roof Coating also creates a solid water-proof seal across the entire stretch of your roof – A nearly fool-proof way to plug up multiple leaks where water has pooled up on the roof and leaks down in the interior of your building!

Unless you know for a fact that your roof is fully functional, you may not know the extent of the repair work required to get it that way.  If you have any questions about Roof Coatings call us right now at 1-866 DRY-IT-IN (866-379-4846) or see our page on Roof Coating Installation for more information!

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