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Are you ready for WINTER?

Fall is here and winter is right around the corner. Is your roofing system prepared for snow, ice 6371104_sand chilly winds? DK Haney Roofing is aware of what exactly these weather elements can do to a roof that is not prepared. Not only will the interior of your home suffer damages, but you will also be faced with costly repair bills.

An asphalt shingled roof is more susceptible to damage during the winter months, and DK Haney’s experienced staff is here to make sure you are taking all precautionary measures to secure your home.

  • Missing shingles/blow offs allow for water leakage. Replace the missing shingles at the first sign of damage and you will save your self time and money.
  • Rotting fascia and soffits are no good to your home’s roofing system if not properly repaired. An integral part of the roof, fascia and soffits prevent wind, small animals and debris from entering your home.
  • Proper ventilation and insulation are necessary components to keeping your home warm and your attic dry. An easy fix that will save you from a larger repair down the road.

DK Haney Roofing is here for the life of your roof. We are a team of experienced and educated roofing contractors who will guide you through the roofing project from start to finish. Call us today for more in formation on how to prepare your roof.


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