Winter Precipitation on Your Current Roof

winter barnSnow is certainly a winter treat, but too much of a good thing can often have adverse consequences. As snow brings down power lines and trees or turns roads into a hazard, it can also damage roofs and homes. To help you actively prepare your roof to weather the negative effects of winter precipitation, we walk through the basics of snow damage here.

Runoff water from melting snow can be a sinister character. This runoff water may encounter trapped ice or debris that prevents the water from draining off the roof. This pooled up water sits on the roof searching for alternative locations to drain from, often invading weak spots in the material or finding its way underneath vents and flashings to cause roof leaks.

The weight of snow can also present damage to a roof. A roof is created to support a specific amount of weight, and if this limit is exceeded, the dangers of damage or collapse become much more likely. This is most often observed in aging or poorly maintained roofs, but this type of damage can happen to any structure given the proper circumstances.

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